These are the Three R’s of CTI Consulting


We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with the hiring managers with whom we work. They value us as partners who understand their business and provide them with top candidates. What does that mean for you? When we submit your profile, the hiring managers stop and pay attention. You will not just be another resume languishing in someone’s inbox!


CTI respects your talent, privacy, and need to find that perfect position as quickly as possible. We will explain the position we contacted you for in detail. If we both feel that the opportunity is a match, your information is immediately on its way to your next potential employer. We will never submit your resume without your permission. You are in control of your information and that’s the way it should be.


Our team is committed to results on your behalf. We are your partner, coach, and mentor! You will be thoroughly prepped before any interview and we will share the client’s feedback as soon as we receive it. CTI’s "Three R’s" - this is how we earn our candidates' trust and referrals. We’re looking forward to partnering with you and helping you find the perfect job!


CTI Giving Back to the Community


CTI understands the importance of making a positive impact on the community in which we live. CTI is particularly proud of its contributions to Mission United. Mission United is a critical program supporting US military veterans and their families by helping them re-acclimate to civilian life. Key focus areas include employment readiness, education, health, legal assistance, emergency financial aid, and housing. CTI has dedicated countless hours and energy to this worthy cause and a senior CTI team member served as chair of one of the committees within the organization. CTI also participates each year in the corporate run which helps support the United Way.



  • “CTI definitively hires 'top talent' for their workforce. Your professionalism kept me interested in this opportunity from the first contact you made with me.”
    -Project Manager, Placed by CTI
  • “I can summarize our view of CTI as "saviors". They literally saved us from previous service providers on one of our more important projects being dragged for almost 2 years and helped us to bring it to a successful conclusion on a professional and timely manner. Since then they have been our main software development partner.”
    -CIO - Credit Card Processing
  • “Appreciate all your professional help, support, and follow-up. You are at the top five of fantastic recruiters I have worked with over the years.”
    -Business Analyst, Placed by CTI
  • “The difference between CTI and other firms can be summed up in one word – RESULTS!”
    -VP - International Security Firm
  • “CTI really connects with candidates.”
    -Java Developer, Placed by CTI
  • “CTI does not waste my time like other firms – only targeted, qualified candidates make it through their screening process.”
    -Manager - Fortune 500 Automotive Retailer
  • “I will be glad to work with you again if I need it. You are a great motivator. Thanks for all your efforts.”
    -.Net Developer, Placed by CTI
  • “I get a dozen calls a week from staffing firms. When I have a need, I call CTI first because I know they will get the job done.”
    -VP - Cruise Line
  • “Thank you very much for diligently looking out for me.”
    -Software Architect, Placed by CTI
  • “We have tried other firms with little or no success. We now use CTI exclusively.”
    -CIO - Online Wholesaler