By Bernie Diaz, Recruitment Manager

As top tier recruiters, one of our jobs is to create possibilities. A proactive submission is one excellent avenue and a strategy where everyone wins. But, more about that later.

In order to put this strategy into play, we must think beyond the searches we’re currently focusing on and be ready to act when an opportunity presents itself. The ideal scenario is when a candidate you’ve established a long relationship with, reaches out to let you know that he or she is back in the market. Perhaps you have no open positions at the moment reflecting their expertise but, you’re well aware of their talents, so, get creative!

Figure out what client or clients your candidate would be an excellent fit for and send the resume, plus your personal endorsement. It works! As a matter of fact, one of my colleagues just made a placement that way and I’ve made numerous proactive placements during my career.

Other doors can open by making sure your Recruiter Radar is always on. If you spot an excellent resume on the Internet or Job Board, or better yet, someone you know refers talent, get busy. Contact that person and if your comfort level is high, work on creating an opening. It’s very gratifying and downright fun, to create something from nothing.

Proactive submissions can also be an extremely efficient new business tool by presenting a stellar candidate to a company your firm been targeting. Strategize with your new business person on that one.

At the beginning of this blog, I wrote that everyone wins with a proactive submission. So true, so true!

Your client wins by adding top talent to their organization. Think about it, you’ve presented someone with such potential that the client just had to create a new opening. Your candidate wins by finding a new home, where he or she and their new employer can grow and thrive together for many years to come.

And you win because your client sees that you’ve always got your eye on the ball. You are their partner in identifying and adding top talent to the company, a function that you take very, very seriously. You also win by cementing that strong bond with your candidate. You will be the first one they reach out to for themselves or with a referral because they know you will do everything you can to help.

So, what do you have to lose by “thinking outside the search?” Nothing!