By: Bernie Diaz, Recruitment Manager 

We’ve all heard this before… “Work Smarter, Not Harder” and man, does that make sense!
If you’re a carpenter, you should have the right power tools to save you stress and strain.
If you’re a chef, a sharp knife, food processor and pressure cooker can save you hours.
And if you’re a recruiter, a strong candidate pipeline can dramatically cut your search time and help you shine with clients by delivering top talent faster than your competition.

Here’s another phrase we’ve heard before… “Low Hanging Fruit.” And that’s exactly what your candidate pipeline represents. Why start with the vast unknown of job boards and social media sites to find that perfect fit when, if you’ve been diligent and disciplined, you have built a warm list of talented individuals, at your fingertips?
Here are some suggestions on how to build that pipeline…

  • Every candidate who has impressed you during a sourcing conversation should be immediately added to your pipeline. While that person may not be interested in the particular position you’re working on, or may not be a perfect match, he or she could be future money in the bank.
  • Categorize your pipe into the specializations that apply to your industry for maximum efficiency. As an example I recruit in the IT sector, so my candidate categories would include… Software Engineer, Java Developer, Business Intelligence, etc.
  • Stay in touch with your pipe. These are your go-to people. Check in with them, find out if there are any changes in their career.  Pay attention to what they’re saying. I work with a good deal of contractors and if they tell me their current assignment ends on “X” date, I’ll make that notation and have that pop up as a reminder so I can get in touch with them then.
  • Familiarity builds loyalty. Related to the above bullet point, the more you connect with your pipe, the stronger your pipe becomes. They appreciate your attention and you will be rewarded!  These are the candidates who will call you first when they’re looking for a position. And these are the candidates who will refer friends and colleagues that you can add to your toolbox of talent.

So, when your next search comes along, where are you going to go first? Your pipe, my friend, your pipe! Sure, that perfect pipeline candidate may not be available at that moment. But, you never know unless you ask and he or she may be the one that gives you that golden referral!